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What is a VSAT?

How does a VSAT network work?

Advantages of VSAT technology


Advantages of VSAT technology

As companies compete for an increasingly savvy customer looking for value (quality and service), information technology and communications networks are becoming tools to achieve business goals. Today's networks must support the need to improve customer service, increase per site revenues and reduce costs (all driving net income growth) - in the most cost-effective manner possible. Further, network managers want virtual 100% availability. They need to easily expand the network when they acquire, move or add new sites to the operations. In addition, they require network flexibility - ease of migration from existing legacy systems as well as addition of new network applications as their companies offer additional services to its customers

Businesses and organizations give many reasons for using VSAT networks over terrestrial alternatives. Among them are:

Transmission quality
High network performance
Fast transmissions
Ability to handle large amounts of data
Single vendor solution for both equipment and bandwidth
Broadcast capability
Ability to handle Voice, Video and Data

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